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You know I love me some sexy-ass celebrities. We’re never going to have too many of these websites that list tons of celebrity nudes, leaks, and sexy bikini photoshoots. I don’t know why or how these celebrities keep gracing us with their nude bodies when they already get naked on camera most of the time, but I’m not complaining. Today I’m diving cock-first into TheFappeningCelebs, one of many quality websites that brings you all the celebrity titties that you can cram into an average Tuesday.A Damn Simple WebsiteI’ve called a lot of websites simple in my many review years, but this one’s a real contender. It’s one of those super retro blog-like layouts that celeb pages often use. I don’t know why it’s such a popular standard, but maybe it makes image posting and tagging easy, so everyone just rolls with it. Either way, it gets the job done great.The whole thing is grey on white, with images of tits all-over the place. If I ever had to decorate an apartment, I’d probably go for something similar. – Just have freshly painted white walls covered in tits, all the tits, everywhere, especially in the bedroom. Imagine opening your eyes in the morning to see a collage of celebrity tits. That’s my kind of decorating.Anyways, that’s kind of what this site is like. Tons of content is sprawled all over the place like it’s going out of style. You don’t have to look for celebrity nudes on this site. You’ll be bombarded by it from the very first second you arrive.A Lot of Ad ClutterFor the simplest template in the universe, TheFappeningCelebs really manages to gunk it up with unnecessary links. Now, these are not pointless links. They all lead to celebrity nudes. It’s not like they bounce you to a porn tube or some shit. Everything on this site is strictly about celebrity nudes. I’m just griping because they have a ton of personalized ads that are not personalized enough. These are the kind of ads that were put onto the site manually. They’re not force-fed to you by Google Ads or anything. That would suck ass. These are proper ads that someone with a working brain put together, knowing that if you’re jacking it to celeb smut, you’d like to see more of it.I have no issues with that. I don’t even mind being rerouted to another website. It’s obvious these guys are collaborating with other nude celeb archives. As well they should. When we work together, we can uncover more celebrity nudes faster. That’s real teamwork and devotion right there. But why the ever-loving shit does a link that says “Bella Thorne Nudes” lead me to a home page? I mean, if I see a link that’s promising me Bella Thorne’s sweet ass on a platter, then I better get what I came for. If you just land me on a home page, that will inevitably bounce me to another home page, when do I get to fap? Never, that’s when. I hate this. All of these cross-linked sites are awesome, but they don’t link to each other appropriately. They need to get their shit together.Uncategorized to All HellRight off the bat, there’s no “celebs” section on this site about celebrity nudes. You can’t look for a specific celebrity. There are also no categories, no recommended section, and no search bar. There’s damn near no way to actually get to the site, even though it’s busted with tons of celebrity nudes. So how the hell are you supposed to navigate it?Well, you’re either supposed to use the home page, which looks to me like the “most recent” section of the site, or, scroll down way past the ads and use the monthly breakdown. It’s marked as the archive, and it features a bunch of different pages with mixed photos of celebrities. I swear, navigating this site is going to require a compass and a sextant, and no, that’s not a naughty word.Things do get a bit categorized once you find a picture of a celebrity that you like. Under it, you’ll see a bunch of tags with her name and some descriptions. Well, some of these tags lead to more pictures of the same celebrity. Others are, as you may have already guessed, external links to random shit. Even though they flat out state a specific name of a particular celebrity with the year of the leak that brought the images, they just lead to some random home page. It’s like some sort of nightmarish paranormal loop of celebrity smut that’s always just around the corner, but never quite in your lap.Redeeming QualitiesAs is the case with every other celebrity nude site, the best part’s the actual nudes that you get to see. There are quite a few new releases on TheFappeningCelebs of celebrities whose nudes have leaked recently. Most of them were taken by the stars themselves, making them that much hotter. There are even a few here that were leaked by the celebrities, and if you don’t think that’s the hottest shit ever, well then go fap on a porn tube, what can I say?Not every nude is made equal. Some are very disappointing. But, if it’s the absolute best you can get of your favorite celebrity, you can’t exactly afford to be picky. After all, celebrity nudes are the cherry on top of the cake, not the actual job they’re paid to do. Whatever content you enjoy on this site, you are lucky to have.And while I’m being generous with the pros of TheFappeningCelebs, I might as well mention that this website has only been around for a year. It’s also completely free and features no automated ads, which is usually a sign of the fact that they’re not really making a lot of money with it. All of these nudes were placed here out of love and admiration for these celebrities. It’s all about bringing you the best nudes from around the globe, so you can’t judge TheFappeningCelebs too harshly.Hopefully, in the coming months, they’ll grow their collection much larger than what they have so far, and why not include some new features while they’re at it. Personally, I’d recommend that they alphabetize their celebrities so that you can see the actual girls they have on offer. Random is fine; I like being surprised with my smut, especially when I’m feeling randy, but an alphabetized list is the bread and butter of any proper celeb smut site.You want to be able to jump to the exact celeb you’ve got your heart set on. Plus, a list is a great way to discover new naughty celebrities that you didn’t even know existed. There are so many celebrities these days; it’s hard to keep an eye on all of them. But, if a female star has nudes out there, you can rest damn sure that I’ll be putting her on my favorites list, regardless of what she’s famous for. In my heart, she’ll be famous for her glorious pair of mammary glands. I worship the female form anywhere I can get my hands on it.About Celebrity NudesThese pictures are unique in that they’re both homemade amateur smut and celebrity porn at the exact same time. Normally, the only other type of celebrity smut is triple-A porn. But, in those cases, the girls are paid to take a dick on camera. When you get the same experience from a non-pornographic celebrity, it’s kind of like you’ve got a window into her bedroom. So, at the same time, she’s a famous triple-A movie star and an inexperienced young girl in the privacy of her own home.It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, we’re so used to seeing celebrities all covered in Photoshop efforts and post-production movie edits. It’s nice to see them as they are. Most, if not all of them, are drop-dead gorgeous anyways, so we might as well get the inside scoop on their great scoops.If you’re a fan of a particular celebrity that has been giving you a stiffy or two, then you might as well hop on over to TheFappeningCelebs and see if they have some raunchy pics of her. And, if the site’s navigation is a bit difficult for you, especially if you’ve got someone specific in mind and you can’t find her, well then, settle for something a bit more random. Dive cock-first into a world of celebrity nudes, just like I did, and maybe you’ll find a glorious pair of celebrity tits that will conquer your heart and your cock for years to come. Just don’t fall too far in love with them. If a celebrity has leaked nudes, the chances of her leaking more nudes in the future are pretty damn low, if you ask me.

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