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TheGFNetwork! We really live in the glory age of amateur sex movies. Everybody walks around with a video camera in their pocket capable of making pretty fucking decent porno movies. Don’t believe me? Check out Just about all the videos were shot on phones or webcams, and you’d have to have serious erectile dysfunction not to appreciate this site.For the past decade or so, TheGFNetwork has been collecting a massive and exclusive stash of DIY porn. They’re popular enough that you’ve probably seen their watermarks on stolen videos posted to the various free tubes. Cheapskates and bums move on. Today we’re going straight to the source.A Huge Network of Girlfriend Porn SitesTheGFNetwork almost sounds like it could be a really shitty cable TV channel. They’d probably show old bitches making cakes and decorating the house all day. Good thing that’s not what it is. On the real GFNetwork, you’ll find ripe young sluts getting creampied and having their faces decorated with cum.The landing page says they’re the Net’s biggest network of exclusive user-submitted girlfriend porn, with all the most popular teen amateur sites combined into one mega-GF site. It’s the same kind of awesomest-ever claim you’ll find on any porn site, free or premium, but the sample page looks like they might be able to back this up.It’s like a near-endless scroll of amateur teens from sites with names like WatchMyGF, MyAlternativeGF, PublicGFVideos, HotGFVideos, and JizzOnMyGirlfriend. Are you sensing the theme here? There are a lot of girlfriends getting banged here!They’ve also got sites full of selfie-obsessed little sluts like SlutsWithPhones, ObsessedWithMyself. If you’re looking for particular kinds of action, there’s MyGFLovesAnal and OralGirlfriends.Each site logo is accompanied by a bunch of sample pics that unfortunately only lead to a sign-up page. GFmelons has well-endowed bitches showing off their racks. The stills from MyEbonyGF have gorgeous Black girls touching themselves. MyGFLikesItBig features tiny amateurs taking on monster cock.Even if you’ve got non-conventional tastes in spank fodder, there’s such a sheer volume of options here that you’re bound to find something. My Non-Nude Girlfriend features innocent-looking young things almost exposing themselves, and My BBW GF will appeal to the chubby chasers. Get some taboo action at StepBang, and then see bitches tied up and abused at MyBDSMGF.Yeah, that sample page is rock solid, just like my cock after sampling it. I better take a closer look at what’s really on offer.What Amateur Porn Paradise Is This?What does thirty bucks get you these days? Well, it’s the going rate for pretty much any porn site nowadays, including TheGFNetwork. Like elsewhere, it’s cheaper if you buy a year, but you can get a one-buck trial to peep around for a day.You might notice that you actually get dropped off on a site called To further confuse you, the logo in the corner changes depending on where you’re poking around. The GF Network is listed as just one of the many sites on the sprawling list of girlfriend sites.Don’t think about it too hard. It’s not anything you need to worry about at all. Think of AmaLand and TheGFNetwork as the same thing; either way, you’re looking at a huge network of young amateurs getting their fuck on. The overly confusing naming scheme is just a result of the site’s growth and expansion over time. Mull it over while masturbating on the WiFi at the nearest combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in your area.Once you log in, TheGFNetwork/AmaLand serves you up a wall of amateur fuck flicks. The very first thumbnail featured a hot young thing slobbing on a knob. I hovered my mouse over and liked the way she worked her mouth on the preview. The clip’s got a 96% user rating, so I knew I was in good company as I clicked my way through.Hot Ex-Girlfriends Swallowing CumThe video, Hot Ex-Girlfriend Swallows My Cum, is only a minute and a half. That tends to happen with a lot of amateur stuff. They’re not setting up a shot with a crew, a fluffer, and a Viagra dude. These are just perverts who happen to have a camera, so sometimes you’re lucky to get that minute and a half.The brunette is pretty, sucks well, and you can tell this is the real deal. She’s blowing to get her man off, not to earn a few bucks like your everyday porn slut. At the end of the clip, she achieves her goal. She flashes the wad of cum in her mouth, smiles, and gulps it down. Fuck yes. I can see why it’s so popular.There’s a download available via a button below the video player. Because the clips on TheGFNetwork are relatively low res, they won’t eat up all your hard drive space like those 4K movies you’ve been hoarding. Save away.A Raging Torrent of Girlfriend PornI’m not sure how the default view is sorted, but I’m guessing popularity is figured into the equation. The teen masturbators, busty webcam whores, and slutty blonde girlfriends all have high ratings and thousands of views.If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, try the Random button. It does exactly what it sounds like. Every time you click, you’ll get a different selection of Asian creampies, insane anal gaping, and/or horny mature BBWs playing with their boobies.I clicked Newest on the sidebar to see what was coming in today. I was sort of expecting the screen to hit me with new stuff every time I refreshed it, but the upload rate is much less dramatic than that. I’m guessing it gets stopped along the line and all the garbage tossed out before it hits the main page. I’m not really seeing any uglies or toaster-quality video, so somebody is vetting the stuff.The most recent one is called Hardcore Sex with Bound Blonde Hottie. It’s a six-minute clip that opens with a completely helpless chick getting her face fucked. Earlier today on TheGFNetwork there was a teen lesbian threesome, a tattooed babe squirting, and a MILF exposing herself at the beach.All Kinds of Dirty Amateur Sex ClipsI’m a real sucker for that public stuff, so after I watched that beach lady flash her shaved cunt, pour water on it, and stroke it in broad daylight, I clicked the Public tag beneath the video.Good god, TheGFNetwork has a healthy selection of Public clips. It runs 28 pages deep, full of girls sunbathing topless, masturbating at the doctor's office, and giving head in vehicles.It seems like the site has a good tagging system in place, so I wanted to look at the master list of tags or categories. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. The best I could do was the Sites page, which works almost as well.Looking for anal sex? Check out MyGFLovesAnal. Have you been diagnosed with yellow fever? Head on over to MeAndMyAsianGirlfriend. There’s MyLesboGF if you’re trying to find the Lesbian section, and hot Latina mamacitas over at MeAndMyLatina. Foot fetishists can get their kicks at HotTeenFeet, and I guess I could have headed straight for PublicGFVideos.It might sacrifice a little functionality over the traditional Categories page, but it sounds/looks good and gets the job done. I’ve got bad news about the search function, though.The search bar in the corner is adequate for one tag, but you can’t really stack them up. For example, “public anal” brings up all the public movies and all the anal movies, instead of the clips that have both. That just sucks, and honestly, I expect more from a site that costs money.My complaints are really all about the site’s organization. There’s not much I can say when it comes to the actual porn—that’s some good shit! There are a lot of short videos and some pretty grainy footage, but that’s just what you get with real amateur porn. If you want that fake “amateur” stuff filmed in a studio with professional pornstars, go elsewhere.If you’re looking for genuine girlfriend porn, TheGFNetwork really is one of the greatest options out there. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better value for such an extensive and growing collection of home sex movies.

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