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Watching Indian porn is almost like seeing something that is forbidden. It’s just not a very common thing that you stumble upon every day. This is probably because of the rather conservative culture of the country. Marriage is traditionally arranged and, so, women are often taught to save themselves for their husbands. The unspoken fear is that no man will want to marry a slut. That is, of course, far from the truth.I would marry a sexy Indian slut in a heartbeat. No joke. Arrange me with one today and let’s get it done. To me, there is no shame in being a slut. In fact, being a slut just means two very fortuitous things: A.) you know what you’re doing in the bedroom, and B.) you know how to have a good time; we have the same interests. So, if you have an Indian daughter that you are worried will not be marriable due to promiscuity, please send her my way.No takers? Damn it … I thought for sure that would work. That sucks. I guess I’m just left to my own devices: good old Righty and the internet. They’ve never failed me before, and I doubt they’ll fail me today.Truth be told, I’ve actually never fucked an Indian chick before. Wait, no, that’s not true. I just remembered this one night stand I had in college. She was a tiny little thing, too, how could I forget? It was a damn good fuck. Ironically, it was one of the few sober one night stands I had in college. One of the tightest little pussies I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to fuck an Indian girl since. Maybe it’s about time that I went out and tried to find me a second helping of that Punjabi poonani. In the meantime, like I said, I have Righty and the internet to help me through.The Indian Porn, Not Just Some Indian PornWhich leads me to a site called The Indian Porn. You can tell by the title that they aren’t concerned with any competitor sites. They aren’t An Indian Porn site; they are The Indian Porn site, at least that’s how they see it. I appreciate the confidence, sure, but that’s also kind of a bold claim to make. So, let’s see if they live up to it or not.The Indian Porn is an amateur Indian porn site, and it is one part of a larger network of amateur porn sites known as All of GFs. In addition to The Indian Porn, All of GFs offers channels like Asian Sex GFs, Black GF Sex, Emo Sex GFs, GF Sex Toys, iCum GFs, More Teen GFs, My Sex GFs, Porn Latina, Real Sex GFs, See GF Sex, Selfshot, Teen GF Sex, and The Futanari (hentai porn). Is it just me, or do all of these channel names seem really generic and strange, like they were puked out by some poorly coded name generator or something?But fuck it. Obviously, the titles aren’t what matter the most, it’s the porn. So, without further ado, let’s venture into The Indian Porn and see what it’s all about. Well, first of all, when you log into the member’s area, you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the list of All of GFs’ channels to find it. No biggie. In fact, I kind of like how this page works as a portal, allowing you easy access to any of the site sections right from the jump.Wait, this is a Pay Site?Once you get to The Indian Porn, instead of looking like its own separate channel or subsite, it appears more like a category search result or something that you might find on a free porn tube. The site design isn’t incredible. You have a search bar, an All of GFs logo that doubles as a home page, and a very sparse menu bar. The menu bar allows you to choose from Videos, Albums, Sites, and Favorites.Immediately below, you will find a gallery of thumbnails and a title explaining that you are seeing X number of videos out of 1,095. You can also filter videos by Most recent, Most viewed, Best rated, Longest, and Popularity. That is the entirety of the videos section of the site. It’s all there in one box. Click through the pages below. A box below mirrors this one in format but is dedicated to photo albums.Okay, the thing that really sucks about formatting the site in this way is that neither the Videos or Albums box functions independently on the page. What I mean by this is that clicking into the next page of videos does not simply load a new page of thumbnails within the box like you might assume it would. Instead, it brings you to a whole new page, forcing you to click back and forth from page to page if you want to view a variety of media.The only way formatting the videos and photos into boxes on one page would even make sense from a design perspective would be if these boxes could be navigated independently of one another without your having to leave the page. Without this ability, it just looks sloppy with no functionality to warrant it.Really, since I’m on the topic, the whole site could use a makeover. It does not look at all like what you would expect from a pay site. Honestly, I’ve seen better site design from free porn tubes. If I’m going to be paying for access to a porn site every month, that porn site better be fucking phenomenal. Otherwise, I’ll just stick to an amateur porn tube or something and find the same shit for none of the money.Homemade Porn: Quality Always a GambleWhich brings me to video quality. Overall, I am not very impressed. Okay, sure, I acknowledge that it’s a site dedicated to amateur, homemade content and that all amateur content is bound to vary greatly in quality. Maybe there’s an argument to be made that if you’re paying for a site that features exclusively homemade porn then you are aware of the risk you are taking. Yadda yadda yadda. But, at the same time, if I’m paying for a site that features exclusively amateur porn, I expect it to be at least a little better and consistently higher quality than this.I mean, shit, the porn on this site is literally no better than the shit I could easily find for free in just a few minutes on any amateur porn tube. If a site is going to charge its users, you expect a little bit of quality control in return, do you not? This shit is awful video quality, shaky footage, and often really short. Plus, to be frank, I am not very excited by the ratio of average-looking to sexy Indian chicks to be found here. Sure, some of the videos are decent, but you need a higher success rate to get my stamp of approval.It’s not as if The Indian Porn makes up for a lack in quality by providing a remarkably large quantity of videos either. What did I say earlier, a total of 1,095 videos on The Indian Porn? That is not a huge number. I mean, sure, it will take you some time to fap your way through all of these videos. That is not a question. What I’m calling into question is, rather, how many of these 1,095 videos are even going to be fap-worthy? How many are going to be good (or long) enough to get you to nut? I don’t know … it’s a gamble to say the least.Six Years of SilenceWhat’s even worse, though, is that it doesn’t even appear as if The Indian Porn is still posting videos. Filtering the videos by most to least recent exposed the fact that their newest video is from … wait for it … three fucking years ago! Honestly, I’m surprised that The Indian Porn is even still allowing new members to sign up at this point. They need to either update content regularly or just make it free.All in all, as an amateur porn lover who can appreciate a beautiful Indian woman, I’m not nuts about The Indian Porn. There are some pretty good homemade videos on here, but many of them are too short or too shoddy to nut to in my opinion. The design is not what you’d expect from a pay site, and they seem to have completely stopped updating. It’s a shame, too, because this site really has so much potential. Who knows, maybe they’ll decide to revive it at some point. But, until then, I probably won’t be coming back to cum.

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