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Want to get freaky at TwistedPorn aka Wild Master? Ever felt like taking your porn game to the next "fucked up" level? I know I sure have. After watching countless hours of vanilla porn and all of your regular genres and everything that you’d expect from ordinary porn tube sites, I felt like spicing things up a bit. And that’s when I found this freakshow of a website. Welcome to, a porn site that’s all about showing you the weirdest, meanest, and (you guessed it) most twisted porn that you can find on the entire internet.Plenty of free taboo videos for you to enjoyAll of the videos on here are completely free, and there’s a whole bunch of them to go through. So much so that you won’t be able to go through all of them in one go. I tried reaching the end of the list by navigating the page numbers and I just couldn’t hit the end. So, if you’re looking for a wild adventure, you’ve come to the right place at With free niche content that’s made for people with a fetish (or those looking to find one), you’re sure to have a good time with this porn site.I always say that there’s something extra spicy about some of the more taboo genres out there, but no normal porn site would ever be willing to feature some of these videos on their platform. We’re talking about strangers fucking just after they’ve met, brothers sharing their wives with their sisters, real hotel maids fucking the hotel guests, insanely painful and rough fucking, real orgies and gang bangs.The design looks nice, and the layout is simpleNow, free content is great and all, but you all know that even when we’re talking about niche content I like my porn site to be nice to look at and fairly intuitive to use. So how does stack up against the competition? Well, let’s talk about that. When it comes to the design choices as far as the graphics and coloring are concerned, I’m a fan. They have some nice colors, and the white background isn’t so intrusive since the videos are so stacked up next to each other.The thumbnails are nice and descriptive; however, you can’t get the regular preview that you usually see on porn sites. They don’t have that on, so you’re stuck with the static images that you get when you first open up the sites and all the thumbnails load up. And it’s good in a way that they went with the static images since they didn’t optimize their code that well, so it always takes a few seconds for all the images to load up when you change a page on if they went for a more complex element and not just an image thumbnail. Now that would be something else I could tell you that much. But honestly, I don’t think they did a bad job overall. After all, they were probably dealing with limited resources, so I can understand that they had to cut corners here and there. But at least the graphics are nice, and you can enjoy their fairly decent logo with cute colors in the top left that takes you directly to the homepage.The tab bar is short and sweetRight next to that logo you have a Home button that takes you, you guessed it, directly to the homepage. Redundancy aside, since they only have like, what, three tabs, this isn’t such a bad decision on their part. They still have plenty of space left on that navigation bar anyway so why not put the Home button on there for some older people who still don’t know how websites work. So, I won’t have a gripe with that, at least when is concerned.That’s one reason I won’t have a gripe, and another one is that they actually included my logo next to the text on the tab that takes you to my site! That’s right, they have a dedicated Best Porn Sites tab that takes you straight to my lair of awesomeness. You know I have to give credit out for that especially since they used my logo and everything. Those glasses are looking pretty sexy I’ll tell you that much. But yeah, that’s always a nice addition to the site.Between the Home button and the Best Porn Sites tab, we’ve got the Categories tab. This one doesn’t take you to a special page when you click on it, and instead, it’s just a drop-down menu. So yeah, no special Categories page here. No Categories thumbnails or anything, you’ll have to rely solely on this drop-down menu. But that isn’t so bad since there aren’t that many categories anyway. There are a few important genres that really show off the spirit of few categories, but very topical to the siteAll the categories on this website have something to do with some weird or twisted shit. We’ve got categories such as Rough, Depravity, Extreme, Painal, Pervert, Risky etc. All sorts of interesting and extreme genres are included here, so it’s on you to decide what you’re feeling like watching. I would like it if they added some other categories as well since the list is pretty short. I could see a couple of interesting ones being added in the future if they have the time to change their layout.Finally, there’s one more tab that’s right next to the Categories tab. Shining in all its Pink glory, the Exclusive tab will show you all of the premium videos on And since these videos are premium, you’ll need to bust out that wallet in order to watch them. The prices are standard as you’d see on most other premium porn sites. You’re going to have to decide for yourself whether that investment is worth it or not. I know that I wouldn’t pay that much, but hey, it’s on you.Plenty of video suggestions, though navigation can be difficultEvery time when you open up a video, you’ll get a bunch of other video thumbnails on the right side. This is great for those times when you want to marathon through a bunch of videos. But this does have a downside too since it limits how big the video is without making it full screen. But that would be the only downside to it since it’s always nice to have related options so that you can continue your porn streak into oblivion!The only thing that isn’t so easy is going through the pages on Since you can only skip about 4 pages at a time, you’ll have a very hard time reaching the middle or the end of the video repository. The only way to find those videos is to use the search bar, though you’d actually have to know what kind of video you’re looking for. But since you don’t, you might never see the videos that were first put up on just to show you how crazy this website is we can stay on that Search bar for a moment and decide to look for something pretty taboo. The keyword “stepsister” will give you a few results but searching for the keyword “sister” will give you tons of content to go through. That’s how you can tell that you’re dealing with a bunch of sickos that upload content to this website. I don’t mind of course, since it’s all in good fun and that’s exactly why was made in the first place anyway.So as I already said, is a place where you can check out some of the weirdest and strangest porn to ever surface the internet and you can rest assured that your expectations will be met as you see some of the craziest stuff that you never even though was allowed to be posted on porn sites. They have free videos for the most part, but you can also pay to get access to some exclusive content as well.

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