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What's Ultra Horny all about? A lot of XXX websites nowadays tend to have a certain niche or theme that they specialize in – in fact, the majority of lesser-known XXX domains delve into the more alternate genres of porn such as scat, amateur, Hentai, adult comics and other themes that you normally wouldn’t see on a popular XXX domain like PornHub or XHamster. But, there’s also the occasional hidden gem that most serial masturbators who masturbate on a daily basis have no idea about. These ‘hidden gems’ as I call them, are relatively unknown porno websites that in terms of quality and delivery are on par with the big players like PornHub and so on. One such example is this website, which is aptly named ‘Ultrahorny.com’.The name suits it well because all it contains is high definition professional XXX content ripped from popular XXX production companies like Reality Kings, Brazzers and Bangbros. Sure, content from these productions may be found on those aforementioned popular XXX domains, but it’s usually a sneak peek or cut-out scene meant to trick freeloading viewers into signing up for a monthly subscription on the main premium website. Here, however, all the content is free and it’s much more diverse than what those popular XXX sites have if you’re ‘Ultra Horny’ you can open this website and start fapping to some grade-A professional porn – it’s all just a few clicks away.Free Premium PornAs I mentioned, all the porn on here is premium stuff, and it’s 100% free. Every model you see getting fucked and giving head in these videos is probably getting paid your month’s salary in under a week, so you best believe that these ladies can perform to the highest of their ability when they’re shooting a fuck-flick. Of course, this kind of professionally-made content is usually ‘pay-to-view’, but websites like these ensure that the masses get to jerk off to this stuff for free – after all, all those models featured in these Brazzers, Bangbros and Reality Kings videos are racking in some major $$$ that you could only dream of having, so you’re not really hurting their industry in any way if you jack off to them for free.Many Ways to Filter ContentEverything you could possibly jack off to on this XXX domain is in video and image format, so you get to bust your load to moving as well as still images. When it comes to the videos, however, there’s a lot of ways to filter them and ensure that you’re only getting what you need in order for your dick to get hard. Firstly, you can determine in what order your videos appear by switching between ‘Most Recent’, ‘Most Viewed’ and ‘Tob Rated’. In addition, you can also determine their order by ‘Most Discussed’ (aka videos with the most comments), ‘Longest’ and ‘VR’ (because sometimes you need something even more visually-stimulating than professionally-made grade-A pornography). You can also tweak the options to only show video or image content, and of course you have the option to filter in/out porn based on its sexuality – this site, as with most quality XXX domains, allows you to switch between straight, gay or shemale-based content (in the case that you’re not entirely sure if you’re fully gay or not).Unfortunately, There Are Pretty Much 0 PicturesI can tell that the people running this website want to ensure that its content is of the highest possible quality and only ripped from professional big-budget porn productions. But despite all that, it means that they can’t just upload everything and probably have a hard time getting their hands on this premium content anyway. While there is a good amount of video content to keep even the horniest person occupied for weeks on end, the image content is severely lacking. I’ve searched for pictures on about a dozen categories so far and all of them don’t have even one image.While this may not be a huge setback seeing as how the main focus of this site and pretty much every other XXX website on the internet is videos, it still means that they haven’t branched out their content as much as they can, either because they still haven’t gotten to the images yet, or they just don’t care enough. In any case, if you want to jerk off to some pictures you’d best search for them elsewhere – a quick skim through the sites listed on ‘Theporndude.com’ should bring you some promising results fast.Choose Your ModelSince this site only has professional XXX content, you can bet both your testicles that there are a LOT of models featured in it, so it’s only right that it has its own section that’s dedicated to organizing all of them. If you can easily fool yourself into thinking you have a virtual girlfriend then this section is definitely for you, because it features almost every girl that’s ever been featured in a professional fuck-flick. There’s well-known names like Gina Valentina and Riley Reid, and promising up and comers like Alessa Savage and Alexa Nova. All these girls are featured in alphabetical order, and all of their dedicated ‘profiles’ include all the videos they’re featured in which have been uploaded to this site. Their ‘profiles’ may not include as many personal details as other sites do, like for example height, weight, and eye color, but that’s not really why you’d visit this site anyway.The Categories Here are… DifferentCategories are the backbone of any good porn site because they determine how organized its content is, meaning that if you’re ever in heat and desperately need to fap you can find your preferred video of choice quickly instead of searching a random mass of content and hoping to land a good fuck-flick. This website has no tags whatsoever, so if you’re thinking about pulling your wang to a threesome video or an oral creampie compilation you might be out of luck here. The categories, however, are not based on sexual themes, fetishes, kinks or personal appearance – they’re based on the production company behind the video.Now, this doesn’t really organize the website’s content efficiently since it’s almost impossible to differentiate between a Brazzers video and a Reality Kings video if not for the company’s logo showing up before the video starts. Some production houses, however, specialize in a certain theme or topic – for example, ‘GFLeaks’ typically features ‘teens’ in its videos, whereas ‘Milfs Like it Big’ features Brazilian midgets fucking horses – no, I don’t need to explain to you what kind of content ‘Milfs Like it Big’ has. This means that you may just have some luck finding a certain theme or niche within these categories, but it seems as if over half of them are generic XXX productions that feature a random assortment of porn themes and fetishes, so in the end ‘UltraHorny’ is not the most organized site in terms of content.Unfortunately, Not all Videos PlayIt seemed like this site was almost too good to be true, and now I say that’s almost the case because it feels like its servers are going haywire every few minutes. I did some digging and discovered that sometimes you need to refresh the page in order for your video of choice to play properly. In addition, those two aforementioned categories/production houses I talked about (GF Leaks & Milfs Like it Big) seem to work very weirdly. For example, every video I tried to play on ‘GF Leaks’ resulted in failure, whereas the videos on ‘Milfs like it Big’ worked just fine.This was a very weird occurrence which I personally haven’t encountered on other XXX websites of this caliber, and I’m guessing that if any of you reading this decide to hop over on this site now and try playing some videos for yourself, you’ll get different results. In a nutshell, it seems that this site’s servers are very unstable, which is bad news especially for those of you who see a video with a nice thumbnail and decide to jerk off to it, only to find out that it doesn’t play at all.

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