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It’s a URL, it’s a porn gallery, it’s URL Galleries! With an introduction this simple, you can expect a pretty simple website, an that’s exactly what URLGalleries.net is. This place will get you where you need to be in record time as it presents all sorts of amazing and sexy porn pic collections to you at no cost whatsoever. I mean, it’s not only that it’s all for free, but it’s also that there’s so much content here, it’s incredible, to say the least. I absolutely adore how amazing this website is and how many porn pics they have. It’s like they read my mind and were like: “Yep, we’re making this site alright”. These guys are literally saints I’m telling ya.The design isn’t exactly what you’d call “good”Anyway, enough ass-kissing. Every porn site has its faults and that means URLGalleries.net as well. The thing that bugs me the most with this website is the fact that they have one of the worst designs that I’ve ever seen on a porn site. I don’t say that lightly either since the fact that URLGalleries.net looks like it was coded by chimps on typewriters says it all. Alright, perhaps it’s not a fact, but I can safely say that this shit is something that URLGalleries.net can work on. I mean they have so much potential when it comes to their content, it would just be a shame if they continued with this design and didn’t upgrade to something that looks a bit nicer.It serves its purpose though as a perfect medium for delivering porn picsURLGalleries.net has one purpose when you look at the whole thing. Its purpose is to bring you some of the best porn galleries in existence. One of the most amazing things about URLGalleries.net is the fact that they really don’t hold themselves back when it comes to uploading content. I mean, you have content popping up left and right on this website and it’s just a joy to watch as you’re waiting for the next upload to hit the set. And believe me when I say that there are going to be many uploads hitting the front page of URLGalleries.net before you can even say “give me some fresh porn galleries”.Frequent uploads are a given on this websiteThey manage to upload so much content that it’s somewhat of a miracle the fact that they manage to provide all of it without forcing you to pay. I mean, obviously, nothing is free in life, and so you’ll be paying on URLGalleries.net in terms of watching ads and all that. But practically speaking, if you can live through the ads or have an ad blocker, then you’re really going to have a good time on URLGalleries.net without much effort put into it. I think that their ad system isn’t even that bad, to begin with. It’s pretty fair, to begin with, and I haven’t even experienced ant pop-up ads on this website.When I say that URLGalleries.net is one of the most amazing places to get all of your porn gallery content, and I mean that when I say it. The fact that they are offering all of these damn porn galleries for free is really something. The moment you start browsing their website, you’ll be showered with post after post of some of the most amazing porn pics that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t end with just a random selection of porn galleries for you to view. You can expect a lot more from this website and here’s what I mean by that. Basically, I’m talking about all the Categories, and we all know how important those are when you’re building a porn website.Categories for pretty much every genre out there in the porn industryI mean heck, my website is all about categories. Everywhere you look at ThePornDude you’ll see some kind of category. Even URLGalleries.net was in a category. The one that deals with porn sites that are all about showing you porn pics and not videos. URLGalleries.net is one of many, but you can expect that the simplicity of the website will have its advantages when you start using it. Obviously, the first advantage is the one that you don’t have to fuck around with some features that aren’t even needed when browsing these pictures. And not just the pictures on URLGalleries.net, I’m not just talking about these pictures specifically, I’m talking about all of those stupid websites that overload the site with things that nobody even uses.On URLGalleries.net you have one feature that counts and that’s the Categories section on the left side of the website. All of the categories are listed out as they’re supposed to be and you can check out each and every one of them individually as far as the site is concerned. It’s up to you to decide which of these categories you’ll be checking out at the end of the day. URLGalleries.net is just there to give you the option when it comes to all of them and that’s that. If you think that URLGalleries.net cares about how much time you’ll spend on the site and how much resources you’ll burn through, they don’t. I mean they do but in a good way. They’ll probably try to make you stay by providing some of the best jerk-off material that you’ve ever seen.Some really hot amateur pics with amateur chicks flashingI mean jeez, I’ve seen a lot of porn, and some of these images still make me horny as hell. There are chicks of all shapes and sizes on here and many of them even take pictures of themselves flashing, in public even. There are just all sorts of images to see here. Of course, where there are images, there’s a need to download them as well. You can do this by simply clicking on an image to get the full resolution version of it and then you can proceed to download it by right-clicking on it. It’s as simple as that really, and you can have just about any hot slut that you come across on here. I saw this one chick flashing her tits in a mall parking lot, and I’d be damned if I didn’t download that image. I just need some of that content in my life every now and then.And besides, seeing as how URLGalleries.net doesn’t really provide you with a way to check the top-rated or most viewed images, you’re kind of stuck with the most recent ones, and if you want to check out some of the older ones, then you have a lot of scrolling and clicking to do. Honestly, this is one of the things that annoys me with URLGalleries.net somewhat. They have all of these amazingly hot pictures but what’s the point of having so many if you can only see a handful without scrolling your ass off through all the different pages.An outdated design isn’t exactly what you’d like to seeI know I already mentioned the design and how it’s bad but let me explain why it’s bad as well. It’s all because of the fact that they have some of the most dated graphics that I’ve ever seen on a porn site. URLGalleries.net looks like it was made in the 90s or something and they haven’t progressed since then. It seems like their site is still optimized for all of those old 4:3 monitors. I know some of you are too young to even remember those, but once upon a time, the monitors weren’t this damn wide. It’s only after that they started making these and then all the websites adjusted. Well, most of them did, sites like URLGalleries.net obviously didn’t.Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, and you’ll still have plenty of fun on URLGalleries.net. This place is still stuffed with amazing porn gallery content and you’ll be able to view just about every image on here for absolutely free. I mean if you need any more convincing than that, then I have no idea why you’re even reading this review. Everything was clear from the start and you can rest assured that URLGalleries.net is going to be one of the first places you’ll be going to for porn images once you try it out.

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