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If you’ve ever wanted to upload porn to a place and get paid for it too, well you’ve come to the right spot. is just the type of video website where you can download any video that you want and get paid for it. The videos have to be semi-normal in nature, of course, don’t expect to get rich off of LiveLeak rips. But you can definitely try yourself out with porn. Video Wood will pay you and you can upload the videos for free. Let’s go over everything that you get when you sign up for the service.Unlimited storage without paying a centProbably the most important thing is the fact that you’ll get unlimited storage on Just by making an account you’re giving yourself endless storage space and you can upload as many videos as you want to without paying anything. In fact, you’re the one that will be paid on here if you get enough traffic on your videos. All you have to do is keep those views rolling and you can expect your wallet to be topped off on the daily. Yeah, you heard me right, this place is going to pay you daily if you’re getting enough views.Work hard to get as many views on your videosIt’s hard to make it in the world of porn these days though, and you need to get so many viewers on your videos if you hope to make a buck. Basically, you’re going to need to pull yourself by the bootstraps and upload a ton of videos and you’re going to need to be able to get those videos to enough people if you hope to ever see any passive income. You can expect only one thing out of the whole ordeal, and that’s that it won’t be easy since the internet is so saturated with porn videos right now.Make sure to get viewers so that your videos don’t get deletedWhat you are guaranteed though is that your videos will stay up as long as they’re active on You just need one viewer on your videos every 30 days and you’ll have it stay up without paying anything. That’s just fine if you ask me, and if you’re so bad at the whole game that you can’t even get one view every 30 days, then you don’t even deserve to be in the entire porn business if I am to be completely honest. Go back to working at Starbucks if that’s the case cause you ain’t making it here.Follow the rules and make it big while doing itBut for all of you entrepreneurs that know what you’re doing, is the perfect venue to expand your income. With enough hard work and a little bit of luck, you’re going to be getting viral videos left and right. And you only need to make people watch 20% of the video for it to count as a view. You already know that the correct strategy will be to download as many shortish pornos and get a lot of views on those. Just make sure that they aren’t too short cause that could count as cheating the system and you can get banned for that.High quality content always does wellThere are other inventive ways that you can get more viewers to your videos though. Just make sure that they’re entertaining and that they’re high quality and you’re bound to get a lot of people to watch your videos. People don’t care where they have to go to watch good high-quality porn content, as long as it’s free. So be it on or any other website, people are going to be piling up just to get the latest glimpse into the world of high production porn videos that you see in those professional porn studios.You can upload files up to 5 GB in sizeThere’s another amazing fact when it comes to and that’s that they allow your uploads to be up to 5 GB in size. With large files like that, you can basically upload anything that you want. Talk about full length featured adult films, you can expect to turn a lot of heads when you upload shit like that to People are just aching for free sources when it comes to large adult films such as those and the fact that your files can be up to 5 GB in size means that you’ll be able to upload them without any issues whatsoever.Good upload and streaming speeds for your videosThe upload speed is going to be as fast as your internet allows it to be. makes the claim that you’ll have insanely high speeds both when it comes to uploading your videos and streaming them too. Now, I have no idea whether that’s the case or not, and they don’t really hit us with any numbers so that we can look at this objectively, but since it’s free you really don’t need to care about that. Well, you should care about it if you notice that you aren’t getting any viewers since it could be the case that they are getting long buffering times and don’t want to deal with that shit.However, is doing pretty well for themselves so I’m sure that it’s not the case that you’ll be wrestling with slow streaming speeds if you choose to host your files there. You also get the option to archive your files really easily so that’s also a really good feature that’s available to you for free. Man, it seems a bit unreal that you have all of these options for absolutely free on And on top of all that, if you play your cards right, you can even get paid for it. Let’s talk about that for a bit.Make a lot of dosh by getting many viewersBasically, you can get paid up to $50 for every 10000 views that you get on your videos. More often though you’re going to be paid according to your tier. The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand get the most dough out of the deal with $40 per 10000 views. Every other tier gets 10$ less per tier. So, tier 2 would get $30, tier 3 $40, and tier 4 would get $10 per 10000 views. This is just a general overview of how much money you can hope to earn, it’s not strictly that amount per that many views, but it’s a good enough guideline.Payouts on the daily, you can’t say that every dayYou can check out all of this info What I want to know is how you can reach that sweet deal of 50 bucks. I guess it has to do with which advertisers decide to be on your videos at which point in time and so on. What’s important is that you can get paid daily. Payments are made through PayPal and you need a minimum of 15 bucks per withdrawal. Of course, you’re going to hope to be earning a lot more, but hey even that is a respectable amount for a start.With its simple design, there’s no way you can get lost when you start uploading videos to They even have an FAQ section if you ever have some question that needs answering, but let’s be honest, this is so simple that a toddler could use it. Now the only problem is that a toddler doesn’t know what’s trending in the porn industry so how could it ever figure out what to upload. And what if that’s not even the best strategy since the most popular thing already have their homes on popular tube sites, what if the best course of action is to concentrate on niche genres. So many possibilities, and you can try them all out on

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