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VQ Tube! When it comes to watching porn on the internet, nothing excites y'all porn-addicted, dick squeezing, broke motherfuckers like free porn. Don't worry, I totally get it. I know you have a boner or wet pussy problem but don't have the bucks to grab a membership to one of the premium sites. You may think I'm here to condemn you, but I'm actually here to help you find a destination where you can stroke your wiener and bust multiple nuts for fucking free. Yeah, I'm that good, but I know y'all thankless pricks don't know how hard it is to scour the internet to bring you free porn destinations. I'm not complaining though, I got you covered, as always. Don't even thank me. I might thank myself by fucking your woman. Oops, you don't also have one. My bad.Anyway, today, I'm reviewing a site called Vqtube.com, which has a dizzying amount of porn for your fapping pleasure. I know you've probably heard of the Pornhubs and xHamsters of the porn world, but have you heard about VQTube? Wait, you haven't? Then today is your lucky day. This is a perfect destination to help you go about your filthy fapping activities with porn spread across all your favorite niches. They have a fuckton of porn with pretty much everything you could be looking for unless you are a fucking pedophile looking for child porn, in which case get off my fucking site. Anyway, if all you are looking for is a free site to help you live out your twisted fantasies, why don't we take a look at what this site has in store for y'all serial masturbators?Plenty of promiseThe site name might not give it away, but if you had doubts as to the kind of content found on VQTube, they are effectively dispelled the moment you land your horny ass on the homepage. They welcome you with tasty thumbnail previews with the 'porn videos being watched.' This is a convenient way of launching your fap session if you were not sure what you wanted to get off. After all, the motherfuckers watching these clips know a thing or two about how to effectively blow a load. These are good thumbnails we are talking about here, and none of them has that still image bullshit so many sites serve their visitors.They depict plenty of fucked-up scenarios. I could see sexy whores sucking cock, being titty fucked, fucking in the gym, on the kitchen sink, and generally taking thick and long inches of meat rods in their snatches. All of them had HD icons on the top right. This could mean these guys are not fucking around with quality and if the intro is anything to go by, grab some tissues and lube because it's going to get fucking messy.Big bad collectionThere are plenty of ways to watch the content here, but I decided to go with the latest and was pleased to find that these guys are adding more than 20 videos per day. Well, that's a good fucking sign. They are not letting you get bored to death jerking off to the same old videos. If the rate of upload is anything to go by, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that this place is packed to the rafters with loads of filthy fuck flicks.These guys have countless videos. Whether you are looking for gagging blowjobs, lesbian sluts eating each other's dripping coochies, naughty and horny stepmoms getting cock from their stepsons, steamy hot tub sex, threesome creampies, anal, sluts showing off their cock sucking skills and so much more, VQTube has it. It is a fucking porn cocktail, and from the look of things, you'll be able to fulfill your fantasies no matter how twisted you think they are.Also, plenty of the thumbnails I saw had an HD icon. Although there is no option to sort the content by quality, I was pleased to discover that many of these videos are actually available in decent qualities. I didn't see a single grainy video either. Most of these videos stream at 720p with options to download in 1080p, although there us a catch; you will have to be a registered member to download the shit here.Like typical porn tubes, content is sourced from some of the leading studios. They include Perv Mom, Reality Kings, Anal Licking GFs, Glory Hole, Brazzers, and Horny Thief Tales, among others, all of which provide for a pretty varied collection. That said, VQTube has an embedded video player, and you will be able to stream the scenes on-site without awful redirects to the hosting site. The videos stream without problems, although I hated the fucking ad embedded in the video player that initially takes you to a blank page before you can play the video.Other than that, the experience is pretty smooth, and videos are accompanied by a short description, duration, time of upload, categories, and tags, and the download mentioned above options. There is no option to sort the videos by length, but they are available at a reasonable length where some run for 50 mins+. You can also report the video if you want to be a fucking snitch. Add the video to a list of favorites, watch later, add to a playlist, leave your comments, and more.Decent navigation and browsing optionsThe site doesn't pack an extravagant design, instead opting to go with simplicity. Granted, they won't be winning any innovation awards. Still, at least they have several options to help users have an easy time sifting through the enormous collection. I don't like the bright background, and I would have preferred if the site had lights off feature. Still, they have a decent navigation bar that allows you to browse the content by the latest, top-rated, most viewed albums and categories, among others.On the top, left are options to filter the video by gay, lesbian, and random. Besides, that is a tab linking to the number one porn directory; theporndude.com. I'm not even bragging, but I thought you should know. They also have a search feature and an upload button that you can use to share whatever fucked up flicks that may be in your possession. Still, you will have to be a registered user to make use of that feature.Hot pornstarsThe action is mainly professional and therefore features some of the industry's leading performers. Simply click on the models' tab and see the lineup of sluts bringing erotic fire to your fucking genitals. They include the likes of Jasmine Grey, Adriana Wild, Aubrey Grey, and Lauren Minardi, among hundreds of hot professional fuckers. However, the individual model pages could use more details about the sluts.Who is feeling erotic images?Besides, the site has an Albums section, which has hundreds of picture sets for those losers who get off still images. To be fair, the photos are high res and can be sorted by the latest, most viewed, top-rated, most commented, and most favorited. Below both, the model and albums pages is an extensive list of clickable tags that you certainly know how to use, so I will spare you the lecture.Things to love about VQTubeTons of free fuck videos; the site has a collection with thousands of hardcore videos available for the unbeatable prices of free.Diversity; the collection is varied. It covers plenty of fantasies with the site availing a categories option for you to easily pick your poison.Updates; over 20 new videos are added to the site daily with impressive regularity, and users can look forward to fresh shit every time they visit.Possible concernsAds; there are loads of ads to contend with, including on the video player.Some features require membership; the site allows users to download and upload content, but on the condition, they sign up, which doesn't seem to have many benefits.How the site can improveThey could start by adding an option to sort the videos by quality to weed out the grainy and average quality videos. Also, the individual model pages could do with some information about the girls. Currently, there is practically nothing in their individual model pages.ConclusionThe annoying ads on the video player aside, VQTube is quite a stable source of free erotica. There are thousands of videos covering multiple categories available in decent qualities for streams and downloads. New content is added regularly. Although the site demands a user account to unlock some of the features, unregistered users will also make the most of the experience with loads of fap materials in their hands. Happy fapping folks.

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