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Watch My GF sure sounds like a nice name for a website. It sounds like it has a certain thematic going for it, but it really doesn't. Was the original idea behind Watch My Gf to show off some dude's (ex-)girlfriend to the world? Maybe he wanted to pimp her or something? We don't really know that, and does it really matter? No, it doesn't. I just wanted to come up with a cool intro, but I couldn't think of anything else. Keeping it real!The visuals of WatchMyGf.meWatch My Gf reminds me of some flash game from 2012, and I wouldn't say that's a bad thing. Rather, it's a nice aesthetic for a porn website. It's pretty neat, actually. You get a grey background, and on top of it you get a layer of white letters, thumbnails, above the black background you get a white bar that sits on top, and on this bar, you get a home button, and right next to it you get a search bar as well. It looks pretty neat, and I'd say it's actually very comfy. Next, to the search bar, you get options to share the videos you saw here on Facebook, VK, Twitter and so on.Why would you share any of these things on a social network? It would be the dumbest thing ever. Do you want your family to see what kind of porn you're watching? Obviously, you don't. So, these buttons are pretty much pointless. Also, doesn't facebook literally automatically ban you if you post pornography there? Well, nevermind that. Right next to the big red button that says "upload," you get to see two more buttons. The first one says "login" and that one's going to be useless to you unless you hit the button right next to it. That would be the "sign up" button.The playerA good porno website isn't worth shit without a good player, and that's facts. WatchMyGf happens to have a decent player, which is a big plus. Let's take a look at it then, shall we? Take a look at the home page and click on any thumbnail you find attractive, and soon enough, you will see the player. Once you do finally see the player, you will notice that it really is quite nice. First off, it doesn't show you any ads, and I care about ads a lot.You don't see ThePornDude spamming ads on his page, right? That's because I hate them. They belong in the trash and so do the kind folks behind WatchMyGf. I know that very well. Nothing pisses me off as much as a bunch of random ads popping up on my screen after I try to turn down the volume on my porno. Just keeping it real!Just imagine having your speakers turned up all the way up and trying to turn down the video but instead you are unable to do so, and bitches scream through your speakers for like thirty seconds until you are able to turn the sound down on the website. That kind of thing happened to me a lot of times, and I have to say it sucks. But oh well, we don't have to worry about that on since the issue is non-existent. So, to sum it up: no ads.Next, you don't get something like a fancy option to "turn down the light," however, you can watch your videos in full screen. Probably the most important thing about this player is the fact that it loads videos quickly. You'll find a few options right underneath the video, and these are actually quite useful. First off, the first button which is also known as the "info" button will show you all the important information about the porn video you are watching at the moment.There is the share button. You'll use this one if you want to show someone the porno you're watching at the moment. There is also one button that shows you the comments, which is great. You may also report a video if you think that it shows something offensive, and that's what the "report" button is for. Next, but not least, you get an option to download the video you are currently watching, which is great, to be quite honest. I mean, most websites won't let you have their videos.Well, not for free, at least. Keep in mind that has content from premium websites uploaded to it and that you can download that content without paying a single dime, which is honestly such a great thing. Especially if you are broke and horny. There are two more options, but I guess these aren't that important to you because you probably don't have an account. However, nothing's stopping you from creating one, so why don't you do that? First off, there's an option to add the video you are watching at the moment to your favorites, and then you get two little thumbs. One goes up, and one goes down. I don't have to explain what this is.Is creating an account completely pointless?So, a lot of porn websites will try and get you to create an account with false promises such as a free week on their premium section or something, and that's kind of thing sucks, really. However, provides you with some very neat perks, and honestly, I don't see a good reason as to why you shouldn't create an account here.First off, you get to interact with the vibrant community of Watch My Gf, you get to upload your own videos and pictures, and you get to download literally any video you like, which is nice. Next, you get the ability to create your own lists of favorite videos and photos. They also promise you "a lot of other interesting things," so expect anything. The account creation process is very simple, and it takes only a few minutes to create your profile. You only need to come up with a username and a password.The various sections of WatchMyGfThe homepage is my favorite part of WatchMyGf, and it is probably the most important part of WatchMyGf. This part of the website is divided into a few sections such as the "popular" section which can be found at the top of the page, the "new videos" section that has all the new videos that have been uploaded somewhat recently (but we don't know what recently means to this page since the page doesn't tell you when videos were uploaded so let's just assume they were posted yesterday or something).Next, we find the "videos" section which contains all the videos that have been uploaded to, and this section has been divided into a few sub-sectionsn such as the "latest," "most viewed," "top-rated" and the "longest" section. You will also find a section entirely dedicated to photos, and this section is also split into three sections, the first one is called "new photos," the next one is about the "most viewed" photos and the third one is about the "top-rated" photos. The categories tab has plenty of nice categories.Anything from tame stuff such as straight and lesbian porn to weird fetishes such as "emo," "money" and so on. Oh yeah, a section dedicated to "real stories" exists as well. It has all kinds of stuff, and there are no categories in here, so it's absolute anarchy in here. Next, you'll notice that a section called "girls" exists as well, and what you find in this one are all of your favorite porno actresses. Click on their names, and you get to see all the movies that they starred in that have been uploaded to There is also a section called "channels," and basically, this one just shows you all the popular porn channels, there's nothing too special here.To sum it upLots of different kinds of porn exist in, which comes off as a surprise since the name of the website has led most of us to believe that we would only be seeing teen girls having sex with random people, but that's not it. All kinds of porn can be found here, except for extreme stuff, which is completely fine. They can miss me with that shit. The section with the "real stories" is not that interesting, too, but oh well.'s Pros's Cons