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If you thought that Arab dudes don’t like to watch porn, boy are you mistaken. Arab dudes are some of the dirtiest motherfuckers around. Not only do they love watching porn, but they love watching some of the most fucked up shit as you’ll soon come to realize when we take a look at Xbnat.com. This is an Arabic website which plenty of content to go through, so let’s start from the very beginning. Xbnat.com is a free porn tube site with plenty of porn content on it. You have so many videos to check out that you won’t know what to do with all of them. Just don’t let your Arab dad figure out you’re watching porn; cause we all know what happens after that!Over 1800 videos to check outFirst things first, we need to talk about everything that Xbnat.com has to offer us in terms of numbers. The Arabs invented the numerals we use today, so we should give them credit for that. Otherwise, we would still be writing three thousand like we’re fucking autistic. Does MMM look like a fucking number to you? I didn’t think so. But there aren’t that many videos on Xbnat.com anyway. There are just over 1800 videos to check out. You might think that this isn’t that many, but when you take into account that there aren’t many Arab websites out there that you can go to if you want to enjoy porn, I think that number is a lot better in that case.When you look at the vast repository of Xbnat.com, you’ll notice that many videos get uploaded no matter their genre. It’s tough to find out what to watch here since there is a little bit of everything sprinkled on top. Of course, it doesn’t help that I can’t understand a single fucking word here. It’s even more complicated that the numbers are all backward. To go to the last page, I have to click on the first button. That makes no fucking sense if you ask me. If I were to design this website, I would do away with Arabic altogether and create another excellent porn tube website that doesn’t discriminate against any content. Xbnat.com does a great job at that, which is why Arabs are so crazy with these free porn videos in the first place.Huge diversity in the contentNot only are there some of the best pornos available here, but there are plenty of porn videos that aren’t the typical things that you find on all the big porn websites. For example, the tranny category is out in the open here. On other porn sites in the west, this category is buried in the broad category section. Well, not on Xbnat.com. Here, the trannies are front and center, as are all other categories. In fact, there aren’t even that many categories in the section dedicated to genre distinction and all that! This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.On the one hand, you might be glad that Xbnat.com is giving you all of this fantastic content with diverse genres. However, on the other hand, you have the problem where you might want to watch a specific genre, but you can’t seem to find a video of it anywhere on the website since there’s not a particular category for it. There are only about 16 categories on Xbnat.com right now, and that isn’t enough if you want to rise to the standards of porn tube websites that we have today. If you're going to be viable in this day and age, you have to give a lot more than that to people. I think that they should expand their selection of genres so that people can choose what they want to watch more easily.Huge user interface design problemsOf course, this is just one of the issues with Xbnat.com. Whenever we’re looking at these Arabic websites and their free porn, there always seems to be an onslaught of issues. I don’t know why those Muslim motherfuckers aren’t able to create one website which fucking works properly. I guess it has to do with the fact that these dudes are just incompetent when it comes to computers. It’s not something that I’m surprised with since they live in the middle of the fucking desert, and all this fucking shit must be such a mystery to them. I hope that eventually, those Arabs will start creating some fucking content that works for everyone and which doesn’t look like absolute crap.The only thing I like about the way Xbnat.com looks is the fact that they have a dark background. You guys know that this is something that I want to see with every porn tube website. If not by default, then every website should have a dark mode option since it gives you a more seductive look and all that. But that’s the only thing I like about Xbnat.com. Everything else sucks fucking balls when I look at it — starting from the graphics. All the thumbnails are fucking blurry as hell, and sometimes I accidentally click on a video with a tranny in it even though I thought it was a chick. I mean, I never knew trannies could have such a perfect ass! I guess I couldn’t see through the ruse because of the damn pixels.The advertisements are insufferable hereThen there’s the issue of ads. This is one of the worst, if not the worst website when it comes to ads in general. There are just so many of them being launched in your face all the time that you have to be looking out for them whenever you click on anything here. Do you want to browse a different page? Bam, you get an ad. Do you want to click on a video? Bam, ad. Do you want to start playing said video? You guessed it, ad. It’s all ad, ad, ad. You don’t get a break from them on this damn website. I wish that they managed to lower the number of ads that they run since I’m sure they could still earn money regardless.Of course, being that they’re a free porn tube website and that they appeal to an Arab demographics, I’m sure they want to squeeze out every last cent that they can. This makes sense when you look at how expensive it must be to hide this website from Arab authorities in nations where porn is banned. I’m sure Saudi Arabia doesn’t exactly like the fact that Xbnat.com is showing all this explicit content to its citizens. This probably makes all the dudes in that country want to flee to the west in search of some pussy! I’m also sure some of them got a liking for trannies.Made exclusively for Arab peopleThat shit gets you killed over there, so be careful with which videos you end up choosing to watch. What I do know is that the design on Xbnat.com isn’t the best, and the UI isn’t the best. The only reason I would recommend that anyone should visit this website is if they can only speak Arabic. That’s the only reason. If you literally can’t speak a word of English, then Xbnat.com is for you. Everything is in Arabic there, and everything is flipped upside fucking down here, even the numbered page browsing system. I hope that you have a great time with that and all, but I sure won’t, and I recommend that all other people stay away from this place unless you need it to watch porn.I have to say one thing at the end, though. You can’t take away the fact that Xbnat.com is providing some free porn to people who can only speak and read Arabic. Sure, the quality of the videos might be insanely shitty, but it’s still something. And it’s completely free, so even the poor people in these countries can enjoy some fantastic content when they want to jerk off and enjoy themselves. Here’s the thing, you’re looking at a website that will always dish out new content, and which already has over 1800 videos to offer for free. The bottom line is, if you want to check out Xbnat.com, then go right at it!

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