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I assume we'll find Korean porn at x Korean, not? Well, times are changing. Facts. With this fact being said I will remind you that just recently North Korea was an occupied country. They were occupied by none other than themselves. That have that asshole Kim Kung Fu or whatever his name is, who is North Korea's self-proclaimed leader. Now, according to the news, North Korea is starting to mellow out and all that "fake news" crap that's being spoon-fed to us. Sure, I'll pretend to be a dumb bot, why not? Since that's supposed to be the NWO premise, I will also pretend that this cute site called xKorean.biz is a liberation porn tube site! My very first liberation porn site man, lucky me! Yes, this can be considered a porn site that set so many people free! The chains on their sexual freedom are no more, and now, Koreans can enjoy as much porn as they can muster. x Korean also wasn't created yesterday but for the sake of lies that the world has to swallow, let's just don't ask too many direct questions that might expose the real truth, shall we. Thank youxKorean.biz aka xKorean.cc is a plain and simple Korean porn free tube site. That's it. There is nothing special that would make you go 'wow' for it. The look and the set up is a standard one. The 1,2,3 basics. So far, from what I've seen, xKorean has plenty of videos to offer, and they are all authentic Korean. Now, I apologize if I end up sounding like a prick or an insensitive asshole but, I couldn't tell if the girls were Korean or if they were from other Asian countries, China or Japan. Not that this makes any difference, but I'm just making a point that those who are fans of Asian chicks will most definitely have a pleasant time with these videos.The videos are mostly amateur. Mostly. If we go by the thumbnails that are presented on the homepage, most of the videos are homemade/amateur. This makes perfect sense because Koreans don't have well-established porn production platforms. The actresses are Korean, but the production might be Japanese or in some instances from western countries, so the devil can plant his seeds, you know how that goes. I know this because I've seen so many videos that I consider myself to be an expert in this area. Sure, I can't tell the difference between Korean and Japanese women, but as far as production goes, I'm a hawk!Once you enter the videos, a redirection popup will present its ugly head and will irritate the hell out of you. That happened to me. This is the way the world works people so try to keep your composure like I did. I smashed my monitor on its side and yelled at it for a few seconds. This too shall pass. The videos are playing smoothly, they are buffed up fast, and there are no hiccups once you skip to certain portions of the video. Now, if we are going to base this next comment on the related videos that were presented under the main video, again, most of the videos are either webcam videos or some type of amateur videos. Strange huh?Some of xKorean.biz videos could have been downloaded in QuickTime, Wmv files, in full HD 1080p and the mobile quality. Sure, once you click on these links, you got a redirection to other pages that are deeper and longer than that rabbit hole that Alice crawled in. You had to click on all kind of things, solve surveys and make money for people who have nothing to do with xKorean.biz just so you can grab a 3-minute video with a Korean chick who's masturbating with her feet, moaning like she just had the best orgasm in her life. What I wanted to say is that it's just not worth it!Another thing that I wanted to mention was that xKorean.biz could have had some more options. Maybe a pornstar category with their bios could have been done. Maybe they could have placed picture options and screenshots and stuff like that. They could have done so many things, but they chose to keep it minimal. That's the biggest thing that I didn't like about xKorean.biz. On the flip side of things, they were keeping it 100 percent Korean, and that's their main draw. To all of you who love this type of a niche, knock yourself out, it's filled with Korean pussy.

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