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Webcam sex shows are one of the greatest inventions in pornography since the silicone vagina or truck stop peep show. It took jerking off just one step closer to actually banging a girl by giving you real, live titties and twats with the option for some human interaction. Virtual reality is another new innovation that puts you right into the action instead of just letting you watch it on a flat-screen. I’ve been waiting for someone to combine cam shows with VR ever since I bought my own sex helmet, and XVR.chat is the first website to do that.Household VR is new as hell, but XVR is even newer. These high-tech perverts have only been around for a few months, but they’re already getting more than half a million visits a month. It can be risky being the first one to do something so new and so different, but the rewards are high if they can pull it off.Live Sex Cams Streaming to Your EyeballsThe layout at XVR.chat is a lot sleeker and cleaner than you expect from most cam sites. Even the big boys like Chaturbate have cluttered front pages that try to fit a little too much information in too little space, generally with an outdated color scheme and look, as if the aesthetics were just an afterthought.XVR has that strip club style you see on a lot of modern premium sex sites. It’s dark with bright highlights, classy and refined yet dirty, as evidenced by all the naked flesh on display here. As with other cam sites, most of the page is dominated by thumbnails of exhibitionist sluts who would love to flash their boobs and masturbate for you on camera.The site may be new, but goddamn, they’re pulling some seriously fine ass. I’ve seen webcam sites populated by a ton of oldies and uglies, but I see a rich selection of hotties here. The contrast is so stark that I wonder why all these women are so beautiful. It could be that the gear you need to stream VR costs a bit more than your old school 2D webcam; professional cam sluts, the really gorgeous ones who already make decent money, are in a better position to drop a few bills on a 3D 180 camera than the fat bitches at the trailer park.My cock is so hard I think it just might be love even before I check out any of the live shows. The thumbnails show blonde babes smiling seductively for the camera with their massive boobs out, dark-haired sluts in lingerie and high stripper heels, stunning Latinas with their thick bubble butts up in the air, and nasty little whores comparing their partner’s cock size to their forearms. There are more couples than I expected, which means more live penetration while you watch.How Many VR Cam Sluts Does It Take To Get Off?The thumbnails of teen exhibitionists, horny MILFs and sexy, mean dominatrix bitches on XVR.chat are tagged with minimal information. You’ll see their sex, whether they’re streaming in 3D/VR or just 2D, whether they are online or off, how long they’ve been on, how many people are watching, and what languages they speak. I like the streamlined information, but one of the site’s current flaws is glaringly apparent from the front page.Even if you’re a rich, nerdy motherfucker, I bet you’ve only got a handful of people in your circle who own virtual reality sex boxes. Now, if there are so few VR viewing devices out there, just how common do you think VR streaming gadgets are? Everybody already has a basic camera on their laptop or phone, but the VR shit is a serious investment. Even on a site completely dedicated to live 3D sex shows, the pickings are still pretty slim.While most cam sites seem to scroll endlessly with peep shows currently happening and off-line girls who will be back for more later, XVR.chat has a much more modest collection. Scrolling all the way down the page reveals under 100 sexy broads and couples, and very few of them are online. I’ve looked a number of times over the last day or so, and at best there have only been about half a dozen shows going on at once, usually fewer.There are three babes online as I type this and fortunately, they’re all pretty fucking hot. The blonde cutie with the vibrator is currently on break, but there’s a redheaded MILF and a college girl with a really nice ass, so I know I’m in for a treat.How to Sex Chat in Virtual RealityAs you found out the very first time you tried to watch dirty fuck movies on your new sex helmet, there’s a bit of a learning curve to VR. That’s doubly true with the world’s first live VR sex chat site. Documentation is so sparse and incomplete that I get the feeling XVR.chat isn’t even sure what the best way to do this is. It’s up to you to figure out how to get the streams playing on your VR gizmo.You’ll also have to work out the logistics of using a text chat with those crazy futuristic fuck goggles strapped on. Voice chat is an option, but the video connection only works one way because you look stupid with that thing on your face. I ended up logged into XVR on both my laptop and VR unit, lifting the headset whenever I wanted to chat.I was able to watch a couple of free VR shows of hot girls masturbating, but cam sites are always more fun when you’ve got some money to throw around. Tokens on XVR start at 80 for 10 bucks and get cheaper if you buy in bulk.Live VR Twats in Your Face from Across the GlobeI must have logged in at the right time, because a few more camgirls connected as I typed those last paragraphs. A cute European blonde named AshleySun caught my eye, so I joined her live show. One thing that’s immediately apparent in VR is the increased level of intimacy. Ashley was just kneeling on her bed when I first saw her, but it felt like I was right there with her. When she spoke to me and looked at the camera, it felt like real eye contact. I told her I like that, so she kept leaning in, licking her lips and telling me to kiss her. Hot!Ashley is a sweet girl with a nice accent and gorgeous body, and she lets out an excited little squeal every time you tip her. After a little bit of small talk, she invited me to a private show. I was a little worried I’d run into issues with my double login, but our intimate virtual encounter streamed without issue simultaneously on my devices.As soon as she got me alone, the bra and panties came off. Ashley asked what I wanted and then started slurping on a big blue dildo. I asked her to get on her back and she did, scooting closer to the webcam so I could practically smell her twat in my face. She played with herself while I did the same. When I asked to see her feet, she wiggled her toes at the camera before giving that toy of hers a footjob.After making an utter mess of my keyboard, I tried to give AshleySun a five-star rating and write a few nice words about her. For whatever reason, XVR.chat wouldn’t let me submit the rating. It’s a minor kink that I imagine they’ll fix by the time you read this.Overall, the only drawbacks to XVR are related to the newness of the site and the tech itself. Streaming VR is always noticeably less crisp than downloaded movies, but that’s something that will improve as Internet connections get faster. As virtual reality improves and gets more popular, I’m sure the selection of girls doing 3D live sex shows here will explode.XVR.chat has a ton of potential and I can’t wait to see it develop as a live VR cam site. The virtual reality element increases the intimacy so fucking much, making this a truly next-level form of pornographic entertainment. There aren’t yet a ton of virtual cam whores on the site at any given moment, but it’s free to look around and maybe take in a free 3D peep show. Even with the limited selection, there’s a damn good chance you’ll get sucked in as soon as you try it.

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