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Your Daily Porn Videos is a website that looks quite promising, right off the bat. I mean, there are tons of movies right there on the home page, and they are surely videos that you'd love to see, judging by the thumbnails. Not just you, or me, but I firmly believe that these are appealing to all men all around the world. Oh well, there also seems to be a lot of unnecessary info on the home page for some reason. First off, there's the tab where all the information about the twitter account of Your Daily Porn Videos can be seen...honestly, who cares? "Dear visitors. My twitter account has been blocked"...who the fuck cares? Not to be rude, but really, no one's coming to a porno website to check out your twitter account. Maybe just put a little blue button in the upper right corner, with the little Twitter birdie and all that, and that would be enough, but having this announcement take up like 20% of the homepage is just insane! Oh well, that's not that big of an issue, I can ignore this easily. You can too.The fuck is this page even about? Well, it's a simple page where pornos get uploaded, which is neat. Most of them happen to be free, too. Actually, it's not just "most," it's all of them! Now that's what The Porn Dude likes to hear. Some nice free porn. Content like that is mandatory in the 21st century! I'd like to leave porn that is only available as a physical copy way back in the past century. ThePornDude does not want to go through the trauma of hiding his porno CDs and mags as he did back then, so please understand where my disdain of physical copies of pornos comes from.However, before you get to see all these pornos, you're going to see some more pointless parts of the website, well, they're not exactly pointless, as they're tags, but once more, I'd like to point out that a certain thing on takes up much more space than it should. I mean, right underneath the section where you're informed that the oh-so-important Twitter account is currently down, you get to see an advertisement, which is fine. It's not an "aggressive" advertisement, so it's fine...but right underneath it, there's a section where all these tags are written in huge letters, and who the fuck even needs something like that when the "genres" tab exists? No one's just going to use the tabs. Everyone's going to use the categories, man. There's no need for that.Maybe I'm too harsh, I mean, these are still minor issues, to an extent. So, why do I care this much? Once you've seen so many porno websites with such obvious flaws, you tend to get a little bit pissed off at times. There are many other things on that I'd like to mention, but I'll mention them in the section right beneath this one, so stay tuned and bear with The Porn Dude!Something that will catch your eye....Okay, so you're probably expecting some amazing feature on this website that isn't visible to the naked eye to be revealed here, most likely. Something that the mighty warlock, known as The Porn Dude has noticed with his spectral sight, but no, that's not it. It's a section of the website that made me crack the fuck up, and I don't think to laugh at things like these is a nice thing. People who have already used this website probably already know what I'm talking about. The thing that made me crack up is the "RIP" section where porn made by August Ames and Shyla Stylez can be found. So, go and pay these two girls some respect, and make sure they didn't fuck all these dues in vain.Of course, there are other sections, and there are many, many useful features of that are worth checking out, but I'm not going to mention them yet. So, keep up with me and see what else is in store for us. Don't think that there are only bad things on this page as I've only paid attention to these things primarily so far!Other sections worth checking outGee, I've made it sound as if the "RIP" section is the best section on this page when I only find it to be funny and nothing else, oh well. Let's keep looking as see what else is in for us. First off, there's a section called "Christmas porn" for some reason, and basically, what you get to see here are, eh, well, videos that aren't too special in the end. I mean, it's just videos of girls dressed up as Santa Claus getting fucked by dudes and chicks and that's about it. Why should this matter? It really shouldn't. However, some people get off to stuff like that, so I guess this content is nice to some people. Let's move on and pay some attention to other sections of First off, not only is there a section filled with Christmas porn, but there's also a section about porn from Brazzers. Now that's something we all want to see. How is this content even here in the first place? Shouldn't this be premium stuff that's completely unavailable to anyone who doesn't pay a ton of money to Brazzers? Oh well, these lads make sure that it stays on their page somehow, which is nice.There are tons and tons of movies here, too. However, it seems that these videos just don't get the traffic they deserve. I mean, most of these have like 500 views, and that's about it. I wonder why is this the case. I mean, these movies are just too good to pass up on, that's after all! Their fame didn't pop up on its own, right?Then, there's the section known as the "genres" section, and basically, this section is the "categories" section, but the categories you can see there aren't conventional categories you get to see on any other website, but rather, they're a bit odd. For starters, the very first category you get to see in the drop-down menu that pop up when you hover above the "genres" section with your cursor is the "valentine's day" category, which can be a little bit confusing. Then, there's also the "Thanksgiving" category," and then there's the "Christmas" category which also has it's own tab, for some reason.Well, these are a bit strange, but I guess people get off to these a lot, so that's why these categories exist. Then, there are some more "normal" categories here such as the "Gloryhole" category. Tons of chicks who suck dicks put through random bathroom walls can be seen here, and then there's a very extreme category known as the "double penetration" category. I don't have to clarify anything with this one, right? The "big ass" category is filled with tons of chicks with huge booties, the "POV" category is quite self-explanatory as well, and that's about it.The bottom line isWhile might seem a bit confusing when you first start browsing, this website is still pretty god damn nice, seeing as it offers a lot of great content, and all of it is completely free, so you might as well spend your entire day in here, since there are no restrictions on how many videos you get to watch in a single day, in a month, or in a year. It's pretty nice.The categories are a bit weird and all that, but it's easy to navigate the website, so you'll; end up getting what you want either way, so as long as you're determined, this place can feel like home. Well, a special kind of home. I mean, it's everything a horny man needs. It's free porn, a good portion of it is posted n HD, it's all nice girls performing in these videos. Do I even need to say more? Unless you're some asexual or maybe even a homosexual dude, you won't be able to enjoy these videos. However, gay girls do get to see some nice Lesbian porn in here from time to time, so there's a little bit of something for almost everyone.

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