The Fappening(19+)

WTF is "The Fappening", PornDude? I just want to see leaked nude pics and stolen sex tapes of celebrities!Millions of people are trying to find the best real celebrity porn sites on the Internet. Who isn't craving their daily dose of leaked celeb nudity pictures, nude HD movie scenes, erotic softcore galleries, and free porno videos of stars, after all?The Fappening, which is slang for masturbation, amazed the world when the first leaks appeared on imageboard 4Chan, Reddit and Tumblr. Sexy international celebs, film, or glamour models like Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Upton, and soccer star Hope Solo experienced their worst nightmare on August 31, 2014, when their private homemade iPhone pictures got stolen and published online. At first, the leak was criticized for being a massive breach of privacy, and it exposed a huge security issue at Apple's iCloud service since the hackers were able to easily infiltrate the accounts by just guessing random celebrities' passwords without there being a limit.Surprisingly, one of the first horndogs who released the footage was that gay celeb blogger "Perez Hilton", who probably saw a unique opportunity to drive a shitload of traffic to his shitty site. Why otherwise, would this dong loving motherfucker be interested in publishing a set of tits and pussy pics of some Hollywood sluts? His website became the home base for an army of fappers craving that sweet exposed celebrity pussy. Once their sexual drive was satisfied, smart Perez got more PR attention by removing the shots again and making an official "apology". He couldn't stop repeating, "Oh Noes, I'm such a bad decision maker, me so sorry!", while probably enjoying the extra millions that he earned in the meantime with male escorts from sucking on his little pecker at night.Apple involved the white knight service "FBI", because they were probably too scared that those famous cunts would sue the fuck out of their company. These unstable fame diggers chasing the red carpet have no boundaries to reach their money goals after all. Just think about that poor American film producer Harvey Weinstein, who makes sure that only the best of the best of these rising talents end up in triple-A movies. How do these bitches thank him? They portray him as the ultimate sexual predator in a #MeToo campaign. Hey, nobody forced you sluts to suck his peepee for free on the casting couch to get the role!By September 2014, even social media giant "Reddit", where the scum of the earth gathers, was put on its knees and forced to suck these actresses and popstar's plastic strap-on dick. Yep, even Reddit had to take down the unconsented content of the hack of the century. "The Fappening" subreddit was closed down, and nobody was able to discuss topics regarding the subject. Nerds enraged and demanded their right to "freedom of speech". Geeks started shouting, "USA, USA, USA!!!". Legend says that this was the start of the rise of the pussy-grabber Trumpzor to his presidency.Jennifer Lawrence, who until then was known as the biggest prude ever with only poor performances in such movies as "The Hunger Games", suddenly became Hollywood's number #1 super slut with over 150 leaked nudes making pornstars look like softcore Instagram stars. Her public statement regarding the leak was even more baffling. "Just because I'm a dumb bitch that doesn't know how to set a proper unique password for my iCloud account means, it gives someone else the right to steal my private nude pics". Conspiracy theorists think that all these bitches stored their nude shit online should their Hollywood career fail, and this way, they could easily apply for a job with Ron Jeremy in the adult industry. Hey, it makes sense seeing what they were willing to do with Harvey's micro dick.By June 2015, law enforcement finally made some progress. Male workers at the FBI office probably got tired of jerking off to the stars' leaked content, and they arrested two faggots who go by the name of "Edward Majerczyk" and "Ryan Collins".Oh, those naughty Apple iCloud hackers! Outraged women demanded their head, feminists went full retard, while men worshiped them as Gods and had a jerk off party. Sperm banks had trouble receiving donations for weeks! This event shall forever be known as "The Fappening" or "Celebgate".Personally, I fapped hard to the nude celebs photos of Aubrey Plaza, Mckayla Maroney, Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart, Mikaela Hoover, and Victoria Justice!What kind of celebrity sex tapes can I expect to see?The leaks included explicit full frontal nudes, big tits selfies, and closeup porn pics of their hairy bush or shaved pussy making these celebs instant pornstars. Yep, some stars even had their full-length homemade sex tapes leaked! I bet most of these famous people were just pissed that they couldn't charge millions for their private video material or celebrity nudes anymore and certainly Jennifer Lawrence!Did you also tribute and cum hard, when you saw Jennifer's face covered in jizz and goo? What kind of famous chick takes over 150 nude selfies of herself, including facials? The "Hunger Games" star must be a total nympho freak in bed that lives for porn and masturbation in her free time and probably has ThePornDude bookmarked as her homepage! Anyways, keep fapping and shaking those big titties, babe! You got my Oscar nomination for sure, Jen! You make reality stars Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian jealous with their celebrity sex tapes.Link: PornHub (Jennifer Lawrence has gone full retard AKA the naked boobs dance!)Yes, rapper Kanye West's hot wife with the huge fake butt that fucked her way to the top. She's either braless, wears a see-through downblouse (pokies), or is "flashing" her boobs all the time for attention and fame. Hey Kanye, when Kim buys you a gift, she's basically using her money from her sex tape with Ray J. I bet he sneakily jerks off to it like a cuckold!Link: eFukt (How Kim Kardashian's "blue waffle" vagina looks like these days, after all those years of fucking herself to the top of reality TV. This gold digger could do service as a walking billboard to promote condoms and could probably hold the cure to AIDS. Harvey, did you put your wiener in her too, boy?)What are the best celebrity porn sites in 2020?The good news is that I’m ThePornDude and I know what’s awesome, great and bad when talking about celeb porno tube sites. I bet you just want to watch good (none) naked stuff of famous Hollywood movie actresses like a topless candid photo of Angelina Jolie? Or maybe an upskirt cameltoe pic of Kaley Cuoco or an accidental bikini nip slip image of Emma Watson in public? Well, you'll find what you need here!What about famous American pop stars, you say? Do singer girls like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez make your dick hard? Or are you a series buff and you can't wait to get off to vagina snaps of TV actresses or the sexiest women like Sophie Turner from "games of thrones, Cara Delevingne from "suicide squad", Melissa Benoist from Supergirl and Olivia Munn from "x-men"? Don’t worry about finding places to do that for free, uncensored and uncut, because I already did the work for you!Use my rating system and reviews of these pure quality sites on my top porn list to get the information you need as fast as possible. You won't be disappointed with my collection, including big-name female celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Bella Thorne, Mila Kunis, Jennette Mccurdy, Hayden Panettiere, and Nicki Minaj!PornDude, this is the next best thing, since Bruce Jenner turned transvestite! Thanks, bro!You're welcome, dick lover! Remember that when it comes to giving you useful information around on the hottest celeb porno websites online, I'm your wiki. Don't compare me to amateur paparazzi spreading celebrity fakes! I'm the real king of The Fappening 2017, 2018, 2019,... and I will make sure that all those who visit ThePornDude get honest, useful info on what XXX sites are the best to download a compilation of celebrity nudity leaks, NSFW gossip, and sex scandals. Will Lindsay Lohan, Kylie/Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus or Rihanna be exposed on social media or have an embarrassing (drunk) "oops" moment in 2020? Who are your favorite naked celebrities and attention whores?

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