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I want to know more information about my favorite pornstars, PornDude. Can these sites help me out?Let me first welcome you to my section devoted to beautiful porn models and their NSFW directories. So, you have a favorite busty lady (Asian, Ebony, Indian, Latina or Arab) working in the pornography industry and you want to see this gorgeous beauty in action as much as possible online on free porn tubes? The good news is that these adult movie databases can help you with their (BDSM) pornstar list, index or library. They even have info on dead vintage pornstars, who died of age, AIDS or whatever! Sounds kinda necro to me, if you're jerking off to that shit!Did you know that there are crazily obsessed freaks out there, who treat these girls like Mia Khalifa as their goddess by sending them free gifts and money? Don't forget me, guys! I'm broke too! I could also use a sugar daddy!Who's your favorite female pornstar?Anything that has a pair of tits, and a wet hole does the job for me, fucker! What if she's too ugly, you say? Dude, WTF do you think bags are for?If I did have to make a choice, I can honestly say that Asian punani always gets my dick up. I can't get enough of JAV babes like Maria Ozawa, Asa Akira, and Lily Thai. Ooh, that last chick is a mean one and in any scene that you see her fuck, she comes up with the craziest dirty talk. Even at the age of 36 and having been boned by thousands of cocks, it looks like this little brown fuck machine has a tighter pussy than the typical American feminist virgin, whose obese body is equipped with a camel toe specimen.Could this be one of the reasons why they're always so damn angry? That only a damn horse dick is able to fully fill up their loose cunts? I bet most of these bitches start their masturbating career with a cucumber, before switching to an eggplant, since it's cheaper than buying a dozen dildos. Hey, I wouldn't be surprised that this is how many of these transvestites looking "women" turn vegan. Fuck, it all makes sense to me now!These adult stars are getting paid millions to spread their legs, while these jealous she-beasts can't even get a man to fuck them for free unless they trick them in a Gloryhole. Man, feminists are the reason why sperm banks were created and Muslim men have invented the burqa. If you can't get pregnant naturally, it's kind of like nature saying that your genes are obsolete. Also, if women need "feminism" and #MeToo, then we men may need "Islam" if this "disease" continues to spread. Trump, you fucking idiot, why are you building that wall? Let the refugees show us "da way"!Anyways, do you want to know more about their first auditions, castings or porno debuts? You're curious about the exact cup size of their big juggs, their preferred sex position, and turn-ons? Do you want to know how many guys jizzed inside the pussy of creampie queen Lelu Love? You want to look up the names of porn actors, actresses, performers or the director of certain porno DVDs and the newest Blu-rays? Need resources for their biography or behind the scenes interviews? How much do they earn or what's their salary? Who's the richest, highest paid and top-ranked star? Do they work as an escort?In other words, you're one of those porn star stalkers that has no life like me and knows these bitches birthday better than your mother, father, brother or sisters' one? Then you're going to be a fan of this category! I see these internet adult film databases as the IMDB equivalent for the adult entertainment industry.Did you know that Los Angeles is the porn valley or capital of the world and that there's a yearly Xbiz and AVN awards show in Vegas, which is basically "the Oscars" in the porno industry? Hey, maybe you could win the award for "masturbator of the year 2020"? Don't get your nerdgasm just yet, since a lot of competition is fighting for the title in their parents' basement worldwide!Example: eFukt (Polish adult star "Klaudia" AKA the number #1 cumdumpster super slut in the world is the current Guinness record holder of fucking 621 cocks at a gangbang. Damn, daddy must be proud, baby!)What are the best pornstar database and directory sites in 2020?At ThePornDude, I make it my job to educate you as much as possible on the topics of various XXX websites. When it comes to porn model directories to look up specific (premium) content like erotic picture galleries of award-winning studios or to find XXX clips of (European) adult stars celebrities, these are the best places you can go to get your fix. Never experience a frustrating "Who's that hot fucking bitch?" moment again with these huge pornstar databases sites!Most of these stars even chat with their male fans on the website "FreeOnes", and yes, they have been verified, so you can be sure that they are the real deal! This could be your chance to ask about their plastic surgeon, so you can finally give your wife or girlfriend the big boobs that you always have dreamed of! Hey, why not a full pornstar makeover, so you won't have to use viagra anymore or put a bag over her head to stay hard?Damn, these sites sound like the Wikipedia of porno! What's your conclusion, PornDude?So, if you want to search through endless numbers of professional women that get down and dirty and have sex for a living, this is the way to go. Anything listed, reviewed and rated on my collection or compilation of sites is going to be pretty damn useful for that task, so trust my opinion, and I promise you’ll get your fix of high-quality xxx fun for free.A real fanboy supports her by buying all of her premium porn or renting all of her XXX videos at an (online) vendor or distributor, freeloader! Which one of you fuckers already went to a porno convention to get a signed nude picture with her autograph? Who's your favorite pornstar in 2020 and do you know anything private like her astrology zodiac sign, race, and eye or hair color? Famous pornstars Alexis Texas, Sasha Grey and Madison Ivy are my personal favorites, but I only care about the big tits of these popular babes!

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