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I wish that site were available when I started my jerk off career back in 1999, but sadly enough, I was stuck with watching pixelated crap, where you weren't even able to see if you were fapping at the tits of a shemale or a real chick. You know, kind of like Japanese mosaic smut.Anyways, I was only 15 years old, and I just got my first 56k dial-up internet connection in my sister's bedroom. I thought I won the fap jackpot, said goodbye to my mom's lingerie catalog, and back then, those 10-second sample videos were still long enough to make me prematurely ejaculate. Streaming pornography was more like looking at a slideshow with a delay of a few seconds because your connection was too slow to download the data. Hey, better than nothing, since I wasn't legal to buy 18+ stuff yet, and it would be too expensive anyway for my broke ass.Fuck, looking back at it now, it was the perfect exercise to practice and delay premature ejaculation, and it made me the fucking stud that I'm today. 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